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Privacy and Safety Policy

Privacy and Information Security Policy

2022 Taipei Expo Website Personal Information Protection Policy

Policy on Privacy Protection

To Our Users: The 2022 Taipei Expo is committed to respecting and protecting your security and privacy when you browse the Web. To help you understand how the 2022 Taipei Expo website collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide, we wrote this privacy policy and information security protection policy. When you use the 2022 Taipei Expo website and extended services the website provides, these policies and principles govern the collection, use and protection of your personal information.

Privacy Policy Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies to practices involving the collection, use and protection of personal information when you use services and activities provided on our website. This privacy policy does not apply to other websites that our website is linked to that might also collect your personal information. Those other websites have their own privacy policies for the personal information you provide.

Methods of Personal Information Collection

We use the following channels to collect your personal data:

When you browse or search the 2022 Taipei Expo website, the server automatically generates a log that includes the IP address of your connecting device, time of use, browser, and data on the information you browsed and clicked. The 2022 Taipei Expo website may mark the browser on your device to record the search history of the browser. Unless you voluntarily provide your personal information, the 2022 Taipei Expo website will not and cannot connect these records to other personally identifiable information.


Except personal information you voluntarily provide to the website when you log in, you may also voluntarily provide your personal information such as e-mail address, name and other information in the message board of the 2022 Taipei Expo website. Such provided information is not covered within the scope of this website’s privacy protection policy. Additionally, we will save communication and processing records when you write us messages and/or express opinions to us through other channels.

Cookies Uses and Policies

To provide personalized service, we sometimes use cookies technology to store and track users' information. Cookies are small pieces of information sent from a website to the browser and stored on the user’s computer hard disk. In the security settings of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or other browsers users can modify their cookie settings to select all cookies, to be notified of cookies, or to reject cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may be unable to use some personalized services or participate in some activities.

In general, we write and read cookies in users’ browser based on the following objectives and circumstances:

  • Provide better and more personalized services: To facilitate your participation in interactive activities, cookies are created when you register or log in, and are modified when you log out.
  • Calculate number of people browsing and analyze browsing mode: To understand the state of web page browsing and serve as a references for service improvement.
  • Track clicks on promotions and/or advertisements and participation in marketing activities: When the website hosts marketing activities, cookies may be included to track activity, the degree of user participation, and related data.

Use Manner for Personal Information

The 2022 Taipei Expo will not sell, rent, or share any of your personal information to other organizations or individuals, unless under the following policy principles:

  • Online Activities and Internet Surveys: Information collected by the 2022 Taipei Expo will only be used for service analysis or academic purposes. Without the respondent’s consent, all information will only be used for the purpose of data analysis. The 2022 Taipei Expo will not use this information for any other purpose.
  • Statistics and Analysis: The 2022 Taipei Expo may carry out internal or commissioned academic research on user quantity, interests, or behaviors on the basis of the user’s server log files. The statistical analysis and sorting of such research as well as all of our public information or analytical reports are based on the information of all users. No analytical report of individual specific data will be issued.

Information Security Protection Measures

Despite efforts of the 2022 Taipei Expo to protect the security of user’s personal information, there is no 100% guarantee for the safety of information transmission via the Internet. Therefore, the 2022 Taipei Expo website will, in some cases, use a standard SSL security system to ensure the security of data transmission. Since the data transfer process affects your online browsing security, we cannot ensure or guarantee the safety of data either sent by users to the 2022 Taipei Expo website, or sent from the website to users. Users need to be cautious and assume the risk of data transmission. When users voluntarily disclose personal information on the website, such as by disclosing their email address or name on the message board, other users could collect and abuse this information. Users who wish to avoid these risks should not disclose this information in public forums. Disclosing such information could result in third parties sending advertisements or junk mail, or cause other repercussions. The 2022 Taipei Expo cannot prevent these actions and cannot take responsibility for any damage caused.

Revision of Privacy Policy and Information Security Protection Policy

Given changes to privacy protection standards, it might be necessary for the operators of the 2022 Taipei Expo website to revise this privacy policy. In the event of any material revision to our privacy policy, we will forthwith post the revision on our website and notify you.

Policy Inquiries Relating to Privacy Rights and Information Security Protection

If you have any questions with respect to our privacy protection policy, or personal information collection, use, updates or other issues, please call us during work hours. From Taipei dial the 1999 Citizen Hotline or from other cities or counties call 02-2720 8889. Connect to extension 8585.